To be completed by the student.

Student Name:

1. How would your friends describe you?  Include a description of your personality,

character, likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses.

2. Why do you want to attend school in the United States of America?

3. How do you feel about living away from home?

4. Have you ever lived away from home? If yes, please explain.

5. Describe the members of your family and your relationship with each one.

6. What are your future plans after high school (what college, major, vocation, etc)?

7. Are last year's grades, in every subject, a true reflection of your very best efforts?

Please explain your answer.

8. What are your favorite subjects in school and why?

9. What school subjects do you like least and why?

10. How long do you plan to study in the United States of America?

11. Describe your belief system. Do you believe in Christianity or another religion?