International Student Agreement

I understand that attending Grand View Christian Academy is a privilege with accompanying resposibilities and therefore, I agree:

  1. Obey the laws of the United States
  2. I will be aware of my responsibility and represent my country in a positive manner.
  3. I will cooperate and support teachers and administrators with regard to the policies of Grand View  Christian Academy
  4. I agree to accept disciplinary authority of teachers and administrators who discipline within the standards of conduct established by GVCA
  5. I agree to not participate in, or tolerate, profanity, obscenity and/or pornography in word or action, nor dishonor God and His word, nor disrespect any school personnel, parents, or other students
  6. I will not download movies, photos, or video games illegally
  7. I agree to guard my reading material so as to ensure that it is Christ honoring
  8. I will use technology in a manner which honors Christ, my parents, and my host family as I follow biblical principles and school standards in this area
  9. I agree not to not use alcohol, illegal drugs, cigarettes, or tobacco in any form
  10. I will complete class and homework assignments on time and maintain a “C” average
  11. I understand that I will live with a host family approved by GVCA. I will not change schools or families without the express permission of Grand View Christian Academy.
  12. I understand that I will be responsible to pay assessments to cover damage to the school or the personal property of others which I cause
  13. I will faithfully attend all church services and youth activities of the Grand View Baptist Church
  14. I will uphold the academic integrity standards as outlined in the student handbook
  15. I agree to follow the student handbook and abide by the stated guidelines
  16. I understand I may forfeit the privilege of attending school should I fail to comply with the established regulations, discipline, and obligations of Grand View Christian Academy