International Parent Agreement Form

As a parent of an international student I agree with and commit to the following:

  1. I support the conservative philosophy of GVCA
  2. We understand it is the purpose of Grand View Christian Academy to provide a Christ-centered education for children of parents in agreement with the school’s statement of faith.
  3. We will support the school administration in matters of discipline
  4. We give permission for our student(s) to go on field trips that are part of their class program. We further agree that we will cooperate by supporting the school standards.
  5. We understand that we must report psychiatric counseling, any long-term prescribed program of medication, and involvement with authorities during the past three years. Failure to do so may cause application denial.
  6. We will make our tuition and school payments and pay any costs above normal fees, and we will cover the cost of damage to school or personal property that is cause by our student.
  7. To support the school standards regarding technology and lifestyle
  8. I realize the importance of being in agreement with this pledge.
  9. If I determine a different direction for my student, I may forfeit the privilege to have my student enrolled in Grand View Christian Academy. If such a time occurs, I agree to contact the School Administrator to determine the correct course of action.
  10. I realize that enrolling children in GVCA is a privilege, not a right.
  11. I understand that any costs related to the student returning home will be borne by the student’s parents/guardians.

We (I) understand that by signing/typing my name below, we (I) are (am) agreeing to the International Parent Agreement