Can God Help My Family?

Can God help my family? Recently, I was able to teach a class for single parents here at our church. While studying God’s Word in order to prepare to teach this class, I found a simple Bible truth that is repeated over and over again in scripture. This truth applies to not only single parents, but it applies to every parent. The truth is simple; God always sees the parents needs and has the answer for that need.

You can take examples in the Bible like Hagar from Genesis 16, the widows in 1 Kings 17 and 2 Kings 4, or even Timothy’s parents in 2 Timothy 1:5; and what you find is that God is very aware of the needs of every parent. He is aware of what difficulties each parent is facing. He is aware of the areas that each parent and child are struggling in. God is even aware of the problems that a parent isn’t even aware of yet.

What’s amazing is that not only can he see the problems, but our all-powerful God has the ability to do something about it. If you need healing in your home, broken relationships mended, or are facing difficulties in your family, then most certainly God can help. If there is an issue in the home, God already has the help ready and waiting.

This means the responsibility is left to the parent. God can fix and help any problem if we allow Him to. Parents of the Bible who saw the greatest victories were the ones who made sure to put God first in their life. So the question is not, “Can God help my family?” But rather, “Will I as a parent do my best to allow God the opportunity to help my family?”

God bless you and your family!

TJ Gardiner

High School Teen Pastor of Grand View Baptist Church

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